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At To Wonderland wellness alchemy works its magic, reaching all the body systems as we detoxify, cleanse, rejuvenate and restore. Transformation is truly possible, starting with how we fuel, nurture and oxygenate the body. 

Our certified, highly-trained therapists have been chosen for their undisputed mastery in each chosen field and intuitive ‘body whispering’ ability to assess what your body needs - whether hydrating and cleansing your overworked digestive system or reigniting your entire body through the soles of your feet. We pride ourselves on practitioners who live and breathe our mission.







Scrubs & Wraps 





Polarity Therapy



In today's modern world more than ever before we are constantly faced with toxins from our food and environment. GMO’s, pesticides, excessive sugar consumption, alcohol and environmental factors such as stress can all have a detrimental effect on our body which puts it at a greater risk of dis-ease. Gently cleaning the colon naturally supports the body to detoxify from these factors resulting in greater overall health.

Cleansing the colon can be traced back to as far as 5000 B.C during Egyptian & Mesopotamian societies where it was used as an effective method to treat disease and ill health. Gut health has been continuously looked upon as the root of all diseases with it being a constant focus throughout history and particularly popularised by modern medicine fathers such as Galen, Da Vinci, Plato and Hippocrates. 


What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a natural, non-evasive water therapy where temperature controlled filtered water gently enters through the rectum and travels through the entire colon where it softens faecal matter. This helps cleanse the colon by flushing out old toxins such as candida, parasites, mucus and undigested food particles whilst also eliminating gas. The average person can carry several kilos of old matter in their colon which can have been accumulated from weeks, months days or even years.

A build-up of toxins can be linked to numerous diseases and health issues from leaky-gut and inflammation to more serious issues such as auto-immune disorders and cancer.

Unlike enemas which do not reach the entire colon, colon hydrotherapy uses multiple flushes in a controlled, relaxing and gentle environment causing faecal matter sitting further up the colon to be released with ease.


Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy include;

·      Increased peristalsis

·      Hydration of the body

. Greater nutrient absorption

·      Increased energy

·      Aids IBS, constipation and diarrhoea

·      Can assist with chronic fatigue and depression

·      Reduce headaches

·      Supports concentration

·      Improved skin disorders

·      Cardiovascular issues

·      Digestive problems; such as bloating, dysbiosis, flatulence, nausea

. Promotion of good bacteria and reduction of bad bacteria

·      Assists with healing candida/yeast overgrowth

·      Assists with parasite elimination

·      Reduces sugar cravings

·      Increases metabolic rate

·      Supports better sleep

·      Reduces toxic accumulation

·      Assists in cleansing the liver and lymphatic system

·      Promotes longevity

Increased nutrient absorption. 

Improved muscle tone of the colon from the reduction of toxic intestinal residue. The colon becomes clearer which allows for efficient elimination and the alleviation of constipation issues.

General sense of wellbeing. The colon is completely hydrated throughout the session which allows for improved blood flow to and from cells resulting in better functioning of organs throughout the entire body.

Improved hormones and reduced PMS symptoms. The improvement of the muscles surrounding the area of the reproductive system allows for less pressure on these organs which in turn permits them to work more effectively.

Increased immunity. A colon free from toxins and built up waste allows for improved absorption of nutrients. The large intestine is also connected to the nervous system and lymph nodes which are greatly supported. White blood cells which support our immune system can be taken around the body to fight pathogens and bacteria more easily since there is an increased ability for the body to absorb water which our blood system requires for transportation.

Improved mood. Serotonin is a hormone regulates mood. Approximately 70% of all serotonin is produced in the gut. Once the gut has been cleared of toxins the intestinal cells can manufacture and use this hormone more effectively.

Clearer skin

When the intestines and colon are overloaded with toxins and waste, it is unable to effectively do its job of removal.  Toxins are then expelled using other emunctories such as the skin.

Assistance in weight loss. An average colon hydrotherapy session can remove. The removal of old faecal matter also in turn provides an increased metabolism.


Pre treatment

Colon hydrotherapy is a great method used to hydrate after a flight or if suffering symptoms of constipation, a simple detox or for more chronic health issues. It is advisable to drink plenty of good quality water before your session which will help aid Elimination of waste.

If you are local to To Wonderland Wellness Spa our naturopath can provide you with a herbal tonic to consume for a few days prior which can help assist your bowels and body detoxify making the session more effective if required.


During your session

Our naturopath will leave you in our treatment room to undress from the waist down and lay on the infrared treatment bed with a towel covering below your waist. The infrared sauna mat further supports detoxification by heating the body on a cellular level whilst also ensuring you are at a relaxed comfortable temperature. Once the session has begun it lasts approximately 45 minutes in which during this time your colon is gently filled and emptied. Your stomach will be massaged by our naturopath to help aid assimilation and to ensure you receive the best possible results.


Post treatment

After your treatment you will be left to eliminate further in the private bathroom if required. It is important to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated afterwards. Since the colon has been cleansed and flushed we advise avoiding harder to digest foods at first such as nuts and seeds and to stick to lightly steamed vegetables/ salads / protein / bone broth or soup-based meals for the next 1-2 days if possible. Don’t eat a lot of raw vegetables as these can promote gas and bloating. A good quality probiotic is also further support for great gut health post treatment. This will support the body's detoxification process and lay the foundations for new healthy gut flora. By nourishing the body with food such as bone broth, probiotics and prebiotic vegetables following the cleanse, the body will absorb nutrients and minerals much easier since the cell walls of the colon are clearer. Fibre rich foods such as leafy greens are also highly recommended to continue to support health bowel movements. Further to this, you may feel more easily satiated since the colons walls are able to absorb the nutrients it requires much easier. A warm Epsom salts bath is also a lovely post treatment experience, boosting your magnesium absorption and further promoting detoxification. 


Single Session (60 min) $135
Series of 3 x (60 min) $375
Series of 6 x (60 min) $720

$270 (120 min)


What machine is used?

We use HydroSans for its quality and precise temperature and water control.

Are the therapists qualified?

Yes. Our therapists are all fully trained in colon hydrotherapy with many years of experience and natural health expertise.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

No. You will feel the colon being gently filled with water and when your bowel is ready to remove the waste you will feel the need to release just like you would on the toilet. Each time you empty the bowel during the session you will feel a feeling of relief and lightness.

Do you use disposable equipment?

Yes. Our equipment is completely sterile and only used on you before being disposed. High hygiene standards are followed throughout the procedure.

How many sessions will I require?

 For any individual who is new to colon hydrotherapy we recommend a minimum of three to six sessions to fully clear the colon and allow for maximum benefits. Since the length of the entire digestive tract can be up to 30 feet tall, these sessions spaced within a short space of time can fully allow the colon to be cleared in its entirety.

Does colon hydrotherapy wipe out all the good bacteria?

 Colon cleansing will not wash away all the beneficial microflora since they are safely nestled in the mucosal lining. Most people’s colons are quite toxic which means the colon is quite overburdened with bad bacteria. By cleansing the colon with hydro-therapy we promote the elimination of yeasts, parasites, stubborn faecal material which then promotes a healthy microflora balance. 

When is it not suitable to have a colonic?

If you suffer from the following then we advise that you do not have a treatment: Uncontrolled high blood pressure, Severe haemorrhoids, Severe anaemia, Rectal bleeding, Heart disease, Strangulated abdominal or inguinal hernias, Fissures or fistulas, Kidney failure, Bowel or rectal cancer, Liver disease, Colitis, Crohn's, GI haemorrhage or perforation. You are also advised not to have a colonic if you think you may be pregnant or are pregnant




Naturopathic Medicine is the pillar of complimentary medicine and primarily aims at identifying and correcting the underlying causes of disease. It is based on the priniciple that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself given the right conditions. A Naturopathy consultation involves taking a thorough case history and determining the various factors contributing to your health issues. Treatment often includes prescribing Eastern and Western Herbal Medicines, Nutritional supplementation, Dietary and Lifestyle guidance, blood and stool tests, functional testing such as food allergy testing and hair mineral analysis and counselling. 


Initial Appointment - 60 minutes - $220

Follow up Appointment - 30 minutes - $120




A consultation with Sarah Di Lorenzo, our Clinical Nutritionist will help you achieve your desired health and weightloss goals. Support your body, mind and soul with a nutritional protocol that works to promote vitality, clarity of mind and radiant skin whilst contributing to your ideal physique.

Creator of the SDL Method, Sarah’s success rate with achieving weightless for her clients is an impressive 100%; and importantly the body’s weight stabilises as it adjusts to new, healthy habits. It’s not about being perfect but about making changes

Evaluating your current diet, Sarah places a strong emphasis on food as medicine and easy to incorporate lifestyle changes. Sarah will address all your health concerns with a holistic evaluation of each body system; digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, cardiovascular and immune.

Initial consultation $420 (90 Minutes)

Follow up $100 (30 minutes)






$80 (30 min) $150 (60 min) $180 (75 min) $220 (90 min) 
Deep tissue technique realigns the fascia - the connective tissue that supports our muscles, organs, nerves and bones - and the body’s deepest accessible muscle layers. Such high-pressure focus has a hugely freeing impact on posture and range of movement; melting away stiffness and muscle tension in the neck, back and shoulders and lowering blood pressure long after you’re off the table.
We’ll design a massage that’s perfect for your individual needs and likes.

$160 (60 min)

Lymphatic drainage massage technique targets the superficial muscle layer with light, flowing movements that relax the entire body and stimulate the lymph system, getting waste moving faster. Delicate touch is a nurturing, sensory delight. You may walk in but you’ll float out...

Positional Release (60 mins) $160
Pregnancy Massage (60 min) $160
Lymphatic Massage (60 min) $160
Couples Massage (60 mins) $320

Body (60 mins) $190
Face and Body (90 mins) $290




30 mins $90
60 mins $180


Scrubs & Wraps


$180 (60 min)

Off with the old and in with the new: slough off dead cells, boost circulation and bring skin back to tingling life with cleansing and stimulating dry skin brushing, sea salt and coconut oil scrub and birch oil. After a thorough skin exfoliation luxuriate in a birch oil body massage to stimulate the body’s detoxification process. You’ll float away feeling brand new and rejuvenated from top to toe. (Please avoid shaving the day of treatment.)

$250 (90 min) $190 (60 min)

Draw out the toxins and pollutants that surround us everyday with the beneficial bounty of ancient minerals from deep in the earth in miraculously powerful Bentonite clay, formed with volcanic ash from the USA, France and Italy. After a dry skin brushing to ‘broom’ away the top layer of dead cells we cocoon you in cloth and foil as the clay’s heady concentration of calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium restore your body’s depleted supplies; while the infrared ray-emitting Bio-Mat acts as the ultimate heat wrap. (Please avoid shaving the day of treatment.)

$180 (60 min)

Cocooned cosily on your amethyst-filled Bio-Mat, bliss out as our expert uses judicious pressure on your feet to unlock the existing neurological relationship between our skin and internal organs. The therapist awakens your body’s own healing system by sending a stimulus from the peripheral nerves of your extremities to the central nervous system: internal organs return to optimal functioning, increased blood supply delivers more precious oxygen and nutrients to cells and the efficacy of waste removal increases. The overall enhancement of circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, immune and neuropeptide activity creates an immediate sense of peace and mood elevation. It’s time to light your spark again twinkle toes...

$190 (60 min)

A selection of Wild Crafted traditional herbs such as Kaffir Lime, Turmeric, Plai, Lemongrass, Tamarind and Ginger are wrapped in natural cotton, soaked and applied to the body in a relaxing and smooth action. The heat from the compress delivers the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties of these herbal essences deep within the skin. The pores open, releasing trapped toxins, and stiff muscles and ligament melt into a relaxed state, creating a delicious sense of wellbeing that you’ll feel for hours afterwards.





Dewy, glowing, breathable skin is the foundation of the To Wonderland beauty aesthetic. Our facials are individually designed according to your skin’s needs.
Please Note: All our facials offer the additional benefits of complimentary light therapy and the Bio-Mat.

Osmosis Medical Skincare
Results Driven, Holistic, AntiAgeing Skincare that works to remodel your skin from the inside out and reverse ageing with a patented delivery system. It teaches your skin to act like younger skin.

(60 mins) $195
An hour of nourishing bliss for the ultimate in skin health and hydration achieving beautiful, youthful results. Osmosis is a holistic, medical grade, results driven skincare that works to remodel your skin from the inside out and reverse ageing with a patented delivery system. Begin your treatment with a Deep Cleanse, Enzyme Exfoliation and custom blended Organic Mask. Then delight in the wonder of a Specific Facial Toning Massage and be pampered with Layers of Nutrifying Serums and Light Therapy. Your skin will thank you.

Everything about AEOS Skincare resonates with our values, from the sustainable biodynamic harvesting of its botanical ingredients to the superb, cloud light texture of the formulations. Serums, masks, mists, washes and creams nourish weather-worn, stressed out skin with exquisite extracts and essential oils containing potent actives and tinctures of crystals. Each product is a dream to inhale and feels dewdrop-fresh to the touch. AEOS harnesses the vitality and miraculous power of the natural world around us.

$220 (60 min)

You’ll float on a cloud as we take you straight to heaven. Your skin will sparkle after your cleansing and hydrating ritual. Here the true gift is active, energised, organic skincare that not only ‘wakes-up’ living skin but treats your face and mind. Your face is gently cleansed and moisturised with a herbal infusion mask, mist and serums as you surrender to a deep relaxation state induced by exquisite facial massage. Caring, deeper understanding and awareness of what your skin tells us about your health and body will help us rejuvenate and treat you.

$195 (60 min)

A specifically designed treat for the man in your life or the man who appreciates being the proud owner of smooth, sexy skin. Enjoy a skin deep double cleanse and enzyme exfoliation and feel your troubles melt away as you experience the world’s best facial massage. Finish with the appropriate mask, serums and moisture. We treat with a man’s unique texture and tone in mind every step of the way. The results will be impressive, trust us.

$150 (45min)

Allow micro-current to work its magic on the muscles of a tired face to plump, lift, tone and tighten dull skin. Working over the jaw, forehead, brow and often neglected neck muscles, this is your targeted solution to a youthful new look. Enjoy a deep cleanse, micro-current and organic mask and the benefit of a hyaluronic acid gel based serum for optimum hydration.


Dru Yoga


min private session)
Adie Robertson shares the antidote to the stresses and ‘dis’ease of modern living via her potent Dru Yoga and Meditation practices. Heal yourself from within and rediscover your life-force and enthusiasm through empowering Dru Yoga sequences, used in conjunction with affirmation, visualisation, pranayama and essential deep relaxation.

A strategic life plan that prioritises wellbeing will create a wellspring of radiant health that continues to flow. Dru works gently, detoxifying and building strength and flexibility from the inside out, whilst boosting energy and negating the effects of stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling out of tune with your body you’ll relish the awareness that yoga brings to your state of being and meditation brings to your state of mind. As the stillness comes, time itself appears to stand still.




Nurture the mum-to-be with a variety of indulgent treatments, that are safe for Baby and rejuvenating for Mum. 

A Pregnancy nutrition consult is a great way to ensure you are nourishing yourself and your little one optimally during pregnancy and beyond. 

Pregnancy Massage (60 min) $160

Pregnancy Facial (60 min) $195

Pregnancy Nutrition Consultation $180 




Our safe haven in Bondi is here to address your wellbeing needs and it is our intention to guide you towards optimal health. In a modern world where operating on overdrive is perceived as normal come To Wonderland and learn how to turn on the relaxation response and reverse the destructive effects of stress. Learning to slow down will actually make you more productive and a better decision maker. Come and see us if you want to have better relationships, boost your energy, reduce inflammation and kickstart your immune system. We will look after your cleansing, detoxification, weight loss, anti-ageing and dietary concerns and encourage you to start new healthy and manageable lifestyle habits, all the while in the best of discreet care.


P-Steam (Prostate Steam)

Originally a treatment for the emperor of china, this ancient remedy is invigorating, detoxifying and strengthens the nervous system.

The herbal steam vapour works to soften tense pelvic floor muscles, stimulate circulation, ease prostate issues, release congestion, regulate hormones, improve fertility, virility and cleanse the pelvic floor. P-Steams can also help with healing constipation and haemorrhoids.

Benefits include:

Improves cardiovascular performance and induces deeper sleep

Reduces muscle tension, inflammation and lactic acid for athletes

Soothes haemorrhoids, eases constipation, and assists in anal cleansing

Balances bacteria and helps fight infections, intestinal worms and can assist in healing digestive disorders

Balances and stimulates hormones to maintain prostate health

Can assist with reducing an enlarged prostate and associated symptoms

Increase energy and enhance general health.

NOTE: the testes and penis are not steamed

Includes complimentary abdominal massage,  acupressure or polarity balance therapy.


Introductory Session - 75 minutes $225 includes consultation, herb selection + Mayan Abdominal Massage

Follow Up Sessions - 60 minutes $180  

120 minutes $350 - includes Polarity Therapy Balance (focus on Sacral Chakra for reproductive, hormonal, prostate health and vitality) 






An ancient herbal spa treatment for your vagina and uterus and all things female supporting you through every season; menstruation, fertility, postpartum and menopausal transitions. 

Yoni Steams are deeply nourishing, relaxing and healing, both physically and emotionally.

We use specific organic herbs in our Yoni Steams for different healing benefits. The warm water vapour carries the medicinal benefits of plants into the blood stream having a direct healing effect on your feminine anatomy, chakra system and reproductive/endocrine systems.

Vaginal steaming leaves your private area feeling refreshed, re-sensitised and rejuvenated.

If you have a specific condition, for example painful or irregular periods, polycystic ovaries, or menopausal symtoms, arrange to have a chat with Shantell to discuss a course of treatment to meet your needs. 

Yoni Steaming is a sacred experience that inspires greater self-love and initiates powerful forward motion in life.

Book Yourself in and Gift a Friend to experience this beautiful feminine ritual that connects you to your womb and vagina and brings healing love to the centre of your being.

When Not to Yoni Steam:  During a period, active vaginal or urinary infection, open wounds, sores, blisters, pregnancy, genital piercings and IUD’s.

Note:  This one hour treatment includes an abdominal massage or you may choose to simply rest on the Bio-Mat for your warming integrative pleasure.  


$225 (75 mins) initial consultation

$180 (60 minutes) follow up consultation

$350 (120 minutes) includes Polarity Therapy Balance


This healing technique encourages the abdominal organs into proper position and improves flow of blood, lymph, nerve impulses and chi. Proper positioning and improved flow enhances your body's natural healing abilities and brings balance to the upper and lower abdomen.

Mayan Abdominal Massage is an option in your V-Steam as it enhances the healing and enjoyment process.

You may also like to choose MAM as an add-on to our other Massages and Spa Treatments.

When not to have a Mayan Abdominal Massage: Pregnancy, IUD, Pessary, Hernia Repair, Fertility Technology.


$45 (15 mins)


Polarity Therapy


$180 (60 mins), $260 (90 mins), $480 (Wonderland pass 3 x 60 mins, save $60)

A holistic, non-invasive healing modality sourced from ancient wisdom from around the world (i.e. Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine), along with modern scientific discoveries on the mind-body connection works to clear energy blocks and pain from our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy systems.

The aim of Polarity Therapy is to assist the body to release its blocks to life-giving flow of energy in the body. Shantell supports this process with love, patience, understanding, knowledge, skills, technique, intuition and inspiration.

Touch may be light to restore body awareness and balance, medium to stimulate energy by moving, or rocking the body, and firm with deep tissue manipulation to release blocked energy.

When required, Shantell will give you self-care practice for home to assist you with ongoing support in between appointments.


  • reduces nervousness, anxiety, worry and depression

  • strengthens your resilience to stress and supports restful sleep

  • alleviates emotional and physical pain

  • can clear arthritis and joint issues (anti-inflammatory effect on joints

  • detoxifies tissue layers

  • decreases the drying effects of ageing

  • stimulates the internal organs, circulation and enhances immunity

  • restores and maintains proper energy throughout the body

  • increases vitality, joy, longevity, nourishing and strengthening the whole body

  • promotes healing through self-awareness

  • assists with rehabilitation and the recovery programs

  • helps overcome eating disorders and addictive impulses

  • enhances self-image and self-esteem

  • empowers personal growth and improves relationships