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Our safe haven in Bondi is here to address your wellbeing needs and it is our intention to guide you towards optimal health.

Man Therapies

In a modern world where operating on overdrive is perceived as normal come To Wonderland and learn how to turn on the relaxation response and reverse the destructive effects of stress. Learning to slow down will actually make you more productive and a better decision maker. Come and see us if you want to have better relationships, boost your energy, reduce inflammation and kickstart your immune system. We will look after your cleansing, detoxification, weight loss, anti-ageing and dietary concerns and encourage you to start new healthy and manageable lifestyle habits, all the while in the best of discreet care.

(Prostate Steam)

Originally a treatment for the emperor of china, this ancient remedy is invigorating, detoxifying and strengthens the nervous system.

The herbal steam vapour works to soften tense pelvic floor muscles, stimulate circulation, ease prostate issues, release congestion, regulate hormones, improve fertility, virility and cleanse the pelvic floor. P-Steams can also help with healing constipation and haemorrhoids.

Benefits include:

+ Improves cardiovascular performance and induces deeper sleep

+ Reduces muscle tension, inflammation and lactic acid for athletes

+ Soothes haemorrhoids, eases constipation, and assists in anal cleansing

+ Balances bacteria and helps fight infections, intestinal worms and can assist in healing digestive disorders

+ Balances and stimulates hormones to maintain prostate health

+ Can assist with reducing an enlarged prostate and associated symptoms

+ Increase energy and enhance general health.

NOTE: the testes and penis are not steamed

Includes complimentary abdominal massage, acupressure or polarity balance therapy.

Introductory Session: $225 (75 minutes ) includes consultation, herb selection + Mayan Abdominal Massage

Follow Up Sessions: $180 (60 minutes )

$350 (120 minutes): Includes Polarity Therapy Balance (focus on Sacral Chakra for reproductive, hormonal, prostate health and vitality)