After much travelling in dry Dubai with the wind on my skin and strange things in my belly, I feel fully re-set after a rinse in my tummy and a pampering facial. Hydration Station - To Wonderland. MIMI

After a week of daily E3Live shots my sometimes problematic complexion has improved and glows and my emotional mood is significantly better. Feeling much more positive I'm not stressing easily - Less Stress = Great Skin. I can't wait to see the long-term benefits as I continue with my daily shots. NICK, SYDNEY/LA

Relaxed. Emptied. Clearer. Cleansed. AMY

Happy, peaceful, cleansed, re-set. ANONYMOUS

Relaxed, de-stressed, was a great experience and massage. JESS

Do I look like I feel great or what? Stunning place, gorgeous people working, divine treatments. Thanks a lot. JILL, BONDI JUNCTION

Totally refreshed and rejuvenated! I feel like my body has had a total overhaul, can't wait to come back! KIM, BONDI

Happy, blissful, light, relaxed and beautifully cared for. JILL ROBERTSON MOA

Found a new second home XX MARISA, SYDNEY

The Aura-Soma crystal oil gave me the courage to make a decision I knew I had to make. I've felt great, empowered and strengthened by that choice. I never leave home without having used my oil. Love it!!! NARINDER, SYDNEY

Refreshed. Clear. Energised. Thank you Wonderland. JAIME, SYDNEY

I am floating on a cloud with beautiful colour and aromas swirling around my heart, mind and body. A totally blissful experience, highly recommend. GEORGIA, MUDGEE

Thank you for making me feel like a winner and restoring my self confidence. I feel beautiful because of all of you and that means more to me than a crown.  ALISON MITCHELL

To Wonderland is my ultimate saving grace. The treatments and unique wellness protocols are not only sumptuously luxurious but also targeted to fix gut, digestion, muscular, stress and skin problems directly. I found such palpable physical and emotional release... To Wonderland has set me free!  YVONNE