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Our day spa's purpose is to support the experience of complete rejuvenation with a "menu of awakened I ivins." At To Wonderland wellness alchemy works its masic, reachins all the body systems
as we detoxify, cleanse, rejuvenate and restore. Transformation is truly possible, startins with how we fuel, nurture and oxysenate the body. life force informs everythins that we do. Each element
of the To Wonderland experience showcases the very best care this planet provides-from the marine potency of E3 alsae supplements to sustainably harvested botanical actives in our AEOS skincare
and the colour enersr products in the Aura-Soma11 ranse. Rather than be dictated to by chronolosical ase we can retain our youthful vitality, spirit and slow with enersisins treatments and experience
the birthrisht we all share: the sacred joy of livins- Here's how we can help you •••

Our certified, hishly-trained therapists have been chosen for their undisputed mastery in each chosen field and intuitive 'body whispering' ability to assess what your body needs-whether hydratins
and cleansing your overworked digestive system or renditions your entire body throush the soles of your feet. We pride ourselves on practitioners who live and breathe our mission.


AURA-SOMAGI - $60 per bottle

Colour communicates enersr. Aura-Soma colour combination bottles tap into a sacred, powerful
wisdom and our deep, unconscious instinct to seek colours that reconnect us with the natural
world. Each bottle in the Equilibrium series has a dual coloured 'balancing elixir' that possesses
the properties and energies of biodynamic botanical and crystal insredients; upliftins scent
and colour exquisitely combine to unlock your true soil-to-soul potential with the livins
enersr of lisht, crystals, sems, trees, plants and herbs.
The sensory recreation of the colours and scent that surround us in nature brins the physical,
mental and emotional back into balance, addins a profoundly healins dimension to your
massage treatment. We invite you to intuitively choose your bottle prior to your To Wonderland
treatment, where the sifts of your individually attuned colour journey first activate as the oils
are applied to a specific area of the body - or freely as you feel. Expand the experience by
takinsyourown bottle home. We stock the entire Aura SomaGI range, includins Pocket Rescues
and Energised Incense. To Wonderland is the Aura-Soma flagship nationwide.

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