Polarity Therapy


$180 (60 mins), $260 (90 mins), $480 (Wonderland pass 3 x 60 mins, save $60)

A holistic, non-invasive healing modality sourced from ancient wisdom from around the world (i.e. Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine), along with modern scientific discoveries on the mind-body connection works to clear energy blocks and pain from our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy systems.

The aim of Polarity Therapy is to assist the body to release its blocks to life-giving flow of energy in the body. Shantell supports this process with love, patience, understanding, knowledge, skills, technique, intuition and inspiration.

Touch may be light to restore body awareness and balance, medium to stimulate energy by moving, or rocking the body, and firm with deep tissue manipulation to release blocked energy.

When required, Shantell will give you self-care practice for home to assist you with ongoing support in between appointments.


  • reduces nervousness, anxiety, worry and depression

  • strengthens your resilience to stress and supports restful sleep

  • alleviates emotional and physical pain

  • can clear arthritis and joint issues (anti-inflammatory effect on joints

  • detoxifies tissue layers

  • decreases the drying effects of ageing

  • stimulates the internal organs, circulation and enhances immunity

  • restores and maintains proper energy throughout the body

  • increases vitality, joy, longevity, nourishing and strengthening the whole body

  • promotes healing through self-awareness

  • assists with rehabilitation and the recovery programs

  • helps overcome eating disorders and addictive impulses

  • enhances self-image and self-esteem

  • empowers personal growth and improves relationships