Dewy, glowing, breathable skin is the foundation of the To Wonderland beauty aesthetic. Our facials are individually designed according to your skin’s needs.
Please Note: All our facials offer the additional benefits of complimentary light therapy and the Bio-Mat.

Osmosis Medical Skincare
Results Driven, Holistic, AntiAgeing Skincare that works to remodel your skin from the inside out and reverse ageing with a patented delivery system. It teaches your skin to act like younger skin.

(60 mins) $195
An hour of nourishing bliss for the ultimate in skin health and hydration achieving beautiful, youthful results. Osmosis is a holistic, medical grade, results driven skincare that works to remodel your skin from the inside out and reverse ageing with a patented delivery system. Begin your treatment with a Deep Cleanse, Enzyme Exfoliation and custom blended Organic Mask. Then delight in the wonder of a Specific Facial Toning Massage and be pampered with Layers of Nutrifying Serums and Light Therapy. Your skin will thank you.

Everything about AEOS Skincare resonates with our values, from the sustainable biodynamic harvesting of its botanical ingredients to the superb, cloud light texture of the formulations. Serums, masks, mists, washes and creams nourish weather-worn, stressed out skin with exquisite extracts and essential oils containing potent actives and tinctures of crystals. Each product is a dream to inhale and feels dewdrop-fresh to the touch. AEOS harnesses the vitality and miraculous power of the natural world around us.

$220 (60 min)

You’ll float on a cloud as we take you straight to heaven. Your skin will sparkle after your cleansing and hydrating ritual. Here the true gift is active, energised, organic skincare that not only ‘wakes-up’ living skin but treats your face and mind. Your face is gently cleansed and moisturised with a herbal infusion mask, mist and serums as you surrender to a deep relaxation state induced by exquisite facial massage. Caring, deeper understanding and awareness of what your skin tells us about your health and body will help us rejuvenate and treat you.

$195 (60 min)

A specifically designed treat for the man in your life or the man who appreciates being the proud owner of smooth, sexy skin. Enjoy a skin deep double cleanse and enzyme exfoliation and feel your troubles melt away as you experience the world’s best facial massage. Finish with the appropriate mask, serums and moisture. We treat with a man’s unique texture and tone in mind every step of the way. The results will be impressive, trust us.

$150 (45min)

Allow micro-current to work its magic on the muscles of a tired face to plump, lift, tone and tighten dull skin. Working over the jaw, forehead, brow and often neglected neck muscles, this is your targeted solution to a youthful new look. Enjoy a deep cleanse, micro-current and organic mask and the benefit of a hyaluronic acid gel based serum for optimum hydration.