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About To Wonderland.

We believe that a fit and healthy lifestyle can turn back the years.

Our Philosophy.

Our day spa's purpose is to support the experience of complete rejuvenation with a menu of awakened living. At To Wonderland, wellness alchemy works its magic as we cleanse, detoxify, rejuvenate and restore. Transformation is truly possible.

Rather than be dictated to by chronological age we can rediscover youthful health, vitality, spirit and glow with powerful and energising treatments combined with wellness protocol.

Each element of the To Wonderland experience is supported by the very best care this planet provides - from the marine potency of E3 algae supplements to sustainably harvested botanical actives in our AEOS skincare and the colour energy products in the Aura-Soma range.

Our Treatments are designed to promote longevity; restoring balance to body and mind, inspiring rejuvenation of spirit, whilst alleviating stress and fatigue.

Come To Wonderland our team of 'body whisperers' are waiting to set you free.

Our Team.

Adie Robertson - To Wonderland Founder

Adie Robetson


A country girl of origin Adie was fortunate to live an expat life in Hong Kong and London in her early thirties, later settling in the Southern Highlands of NSW to raise her young family. Her first forays into wellness came by a need to give her children more. Organic food, homeopathy and naturopathy followed as she challenged the ideals of prescription medicine and processed food.

A confident woman in her fifties with three grown children, Adie exemplifies how a fit and healthy lifestyle can turn back the years.

Adie’s vision as founder of To Wonderland is to bring wellness to the world through preventative health, detoxification, relaxation and nutrition. With stress as the number one killer in the Western World, Adie has created a haven of wellbeing where your mind, body and soul are indulged with deep relaxation and brought back to life. Having gathered an expert team of therapists around her to address your every need, To Wonderland is the very best in wellness and is gratefully transforming lives daily.

With a background in design, Adie’s personal touch is evident creating a space that is lovingly unique, and truly is your gateway to wellness and freedom.

Adie has empowered her life through her Dru Yoga and Meditation practice and loves to teach and share the knowing that the seemingly elusive happiness we're constantly searching exists within.

'Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make and not a place you must find.'

- Wayne Dyer -