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Wellness Whispers.

Step out of the fast paced world and into a wellness haven discreetly located by Bondi Beach.
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Complete rejuvenation with a menu of awakened living.

At To Wonderland, wellness alchemy works its magic as we cleanse, detoxify, rejuvenate and restore. Transformation is truly possible.

Our Therapies.

At To Wonderland wellness alchemy works its magic, reaching all the body systems as we detoxify, cleanse, rejuvenate and restore.

Colon Hydrotherapy.

Rid your colon of toxins with a non-evasive water therapy which boosts energy, improves mood...


Discover a lasting feeling of relaxation. Massage is not just about pampering yourself - it's a necessity.

Facial Spa Treatments.

Dewy, glowing, breathable skin is the foundation of the To Wonderland beauty aesthetic.


Naturopathy treatments can help you to identify and correct the underlying causes of disease. Experience the healing...

Latest Articles.

What Type of Massage Do You Need?

The ideal massage type and technique for you depend on the reason why you need one, but it’s also important to keep in mind your personal preferences.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy.

From improving digestion to weight loss - the benefits of colon hydrotherapy are numerous. But how can you know if you need this treatment?

How Often Should you Get a Facial?

The answer to the question of how often should you get a facial depends on your skin type, your age, environment, and your goal.

5 Surprising Benefits of Massage.

We all know that it’s relaxing and healthy, but there are benefits of massage that might come as surprising to you. 

A Flatter Stomach with Colon Hydrotherapy.

For those of us who still have some extra pounds around the abdominal area there’s always a question: how can I make my stomach flatter? 

Benefits of Facials for Men.

A lot of men realise the benefits of getting a facial – man now make up 47 percent of spa-goers, up from 31 percent less than a decade ago. 

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