To Wonderland Philosophy


To Wonderland Wellness Spa reminds us that everyday is a new day.
Take time to dream and let your senses go wild in the world.

Imagine if we were all free to be, free to be what we truly wanted to be.
How many of us can say we are living our life true to ourselves.
To Wonderland empowers and inspires you to live a potent and magical life,
whatever that may be.


ADIE ROBERTSON Owner and Founder

I loved being a child. I adored anything that wasn’t girlish, enjoyed living freely in nature
and all that it bestowed on me, on my creative and courageous path in life.
I am now a mother of three wondrous boys, single and totally in my life force energy at 52.
I welcome every day with joy and gratitude.


For enquires or to schedule any Signature Spa Treatment
Call Adie Robertson on 0407 106 396
or contact us on (02) 9300 6033
To Wonderland Wellness Spa Treatments are designed to promote longevity; restoring balance
to body and mind, inspiring rejuvenation of spirit, whilst alleviating stress and fatigue.